Ferrari played their cards extremely well with the 2009 Ferrari California debut — it was stylish, it was measured, and it had the motoring press lapping out of the palms of their hands (a perfect example is today's spy photo of a topless California; see how Wert just laps it up? ). Lotus seems to be copying that campaign for the rollout of the pending 2010 Lotus Eagle, but this time, the marketing effort is decidedly more creepy. The "FacelessPeople" ad campaign consists at the moment of a website with a countdown timer, and, more bizarrely, people without faces attending public events wearing Lotus badges. Gah! Heebie jeebies anyone? Apparently the "True Character Will Emerge" in about 18 days. We're assuming that means they'll put a face on the much-anticipated new Eagle instead of covering it in a sheet.



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