It looks Facebook wants to take the event function a step further and help people actually get to those events. Is the social media giant getting into the ridesharing game? Based on these patent filings, maybe so.

In a patent filed January 28, 2016 Facebook details how it would integrate ride sharing with its existing invitation system.


Basically, instead of just RSVPing with “yes,” “no” or “maybe” you would specify if you need a ride or would be willing to pick other people up.

You’d then be linked up with others in your network who you could share a car with, presumably on your way to where you’re going.


You could end up riding with friends, “friends” or total strangers. (I’m not the only one with Facebook friends I couldn’t pick out of a crowd for a million bucks, right?) But it looks like the site would try to minimize any awkwardness of riding with randos by pairing you up somewhat logically.


“Facebook would even take into account people’s personal information, like where they went to school, what kind of music they like, or what Groups they’re part of, in order to better match drivers and passengers,” explains Tech Insider.

Of course, a filed patent does not mean Facebook will definitely implement this plan. But the social network has already had success in physically mobilizing users with its partnership with Uber, and if the ride sharing business really is about to get as big as Ford and GM think then this could be a great new opportunity for Facebook to capitalize on your friendships.


Who’s driving?


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