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Eight-and-a-half hours into the Dubai 24 Hours endurance race, United Autosports mechanics had a question about their Audi R8 GT3 LMS racecar. Lucky for them, a very well-connected Audi engineer was reading.

"Does anyone know where the location is for the starter relay and main relay on a R8? Is it in the front BSG or fusebox?" the team posted on Facebook via Audi Sport's FB page. As it turns out, engineer Markus Ferlora, of Audi's high-performance division quattro GmbH, saw the question, and left a detailed answer:

It's right rear; the last two big Relais are for the starter. The first two big Relais are the main Relais for the Engine.


And there you have it. Facebook is the new shop manual. Thanks a million, Zuckerberg.

(Hat tip to Quattroworld!)

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