F1 German Grand Prix Attracts Giant Watch Ad On Tarp, Also Some Fans

That’s a massive seat-covering Rolex tarp at the Formula One German Grand Prix Yikes. If you can’t sell the seats, I guess you can always sell ad space.

It’s not a good sign to see two F1 races in a row where big sections of seats have been covered up because they knew they wouldn’t sell. It’s even worse knowing that the German Grand Prix is the home race for Mercedes as well as several drivers, and one that’s struggled to stay on the calendar due to financial issues.


It’s not cheap to go to an F1 race, and even to Merc’s home crowd, something probably needs to be done to improve the action before fans feel as if the show justifies shelling out for tickets.

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This is not an indication that Europe is losing interest in F1. It is simply the reality of life in Europe: Disposable income —what people spend on luxuries — is cripplingly low and will remain so based on their economics. F1 will continue to migrate towards wealthier nations and The West. But, alas, even those countries are beginning to flounder, as The West becomes more like Europe, with less disposable income, and with even oil rich nations falling behind because of low oil prices.