F1 Drivers Are No Longer Allowed To Get Driving Advice Over The Radio

While an F1 driver might be alone on the track, racing is a team sport. In F1, that goes as far as engineers telling drivers precisely how to drive over the radio in order to get the best out of the car. However, a ruling has now banned conversations like that with immediate effect.

In order to place more of the onus of driving the car on the driver (novel concept), the FIA has banned all radio conversations related to the performance of the car. Strategy, like pit stops and, probably, team orders, is still allowed to be discussed. But that discussion can no longer include things like "you can save more fuel if you shift into fourth for this corner" or "your tire wear in turn 12 is insane."


Nope. Now the drivers have to figure out themselves how to keep the cars running. Some drivers will have no issue adjusting, while others will be chewing up set after set of tires that they never learned how to properly preserve.

Lewis Hamilton, I'm looking right at you.

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