F1 Driver Robert Kubica injured in Rally crash

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Formula One star Robert Kubica was seriously injured this morning while participating in the Ronde di Andora rally in Italy. According to BBC Sport the 26 year-old is undergoing surgery after suffering fractures to his right arm, leg and hand.

Kubica crashed his Skoda Fabia into a church wall only 4.6 kilometers from the start of the rally. His co-driver Jakub Gerber was unharmed. Although Kubica's injuries are not life threatening, they certainly put some question marks around the upcoming F1 season.

With best wishes to Kubica in his recovery, we will have to wait and see what Renault does when the F1 season opens March 13 in Bahrain. The only good news for Renault is they are prepared with reserve drivers. The company has Bruno Senna - who raced for Hispania last season - and Frenchman Romain Grosjean, who drove for Renault as a replacement for Nelson Piquet Jr in 2009 as potential replacements while Kubica is on the mend.

(Photo Credit: Andrew)
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