Image: Formula One (Twitter)

Formula One has done a lot of things right in the past year or so, like embrace of the modern internet. It’s only fitting that the series end 2018 in that same fashion, and this animation reimagining broadcast and race soundbites is pretty much the best way to have done it.

F1 posted this video by animator Nick Murray Willis on its Twitter account on Monday, and the little details of it all get funnier with each watch. It’s almost as good as, or as good as, bongo cat plays the F1 theme song.


What did we all do before F1 decided to embrace the internet, again?

Now, if one of you readers who has impeccable video-editing talents and a little bit of free time this week doesn’t mind applying random F1 sound bites to a compilation of good cat videos from the internet, we at Jalopnik (I, at Jalopnik) will forever be in your debt.

Thanks in advance.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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