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With R, S, M, SS, TRD and AMG already taken by other automakers' performance divisions (and RSTLNE the sole property of "Wheel of Fortune"), Lexus's choice of letters for its upcoming in-house tuner models was already limited. According to AutoWeek, they simply went with F for "fast." The first model to wear the new F designation, AW says, will be the M3-challenging "IS500" that's been the subject of speculation since last year. But the IS-F won't get a mere V8; the powerplant will reportedly be a retuned version of the LS600h's hybrid-drive mill, producing 425 hp. Pricing is expected to be in the $50,000 range, undercutting both the M3 and Audi RS4, two cars of similar performance numbers. Joining the IS-F will be, according to a dealer source of AW's, the GS-F and IS-F coupe. More to come at the Detroit show.

A new Lexus 'F' - as in 'faaast' [AutoWeek]

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