Every so often, the Motoring Gods that reside atop Mount Opel Olympia anoint a new hero for our ages. They come from far, they come from wide, but they all bear a certain mark. That of smoke and flame, erupting from a fully sikkkk burnout. And this anointing from Poland is hilarious.


It’s a little unclear what started the conflagration, but seeing as how I have eyes and read the video’s title of “motorcycle burnout, fire accident, oil malfunction,” I can tell you that this guy was doing a motorcycle burnout, which causes much heat and smoke, the tire gave out, a big string of hot rubber flew off, and it ignited some leaking oil.

In other words, the oil malfunction, combined with the motorcycle burnout, caused the fire accident.


I am an expert.

From our new hero’s XXXtreme mullet (shaved in the front, ponytail in the back), to the way he blows on the fire to put it out (he’s clearly an expert, as it’s an oil fire, water will not put it out, blowing on it is clearly the correct procedure), he is definitely the hero that we both need AND deserve.

Props to the others members of the motorcycle enthusiast group who actually think to grab some fire extinguishers and pack the rest of the thing with dirt. These guys know their fire fighting methods.

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