A cargo train crashed into a commercial truck and then derailed in the Baltimore suburb of Rosedale this afternoon, causing a massive explosion that could be felt several miles away, according to news reports.

NBC News reports that the 15-car CSX freight train derailed and caught fire following the collision. The truck's driver was sent to an area hospital in serious condition, but two CSX employees on the train were not hurt, they reported.


The Baltimore Sun says that a 20-block area near the crash site has been evacuated. People in the area said that windows were broken in buildings as far away as two miles from the crash.

It's not yet known how the train collided with the truck, or whether the truck was parked on the tracks or something similar. Still, it's insane to see the damage to that nearby building just from the blast alone. It's extremely fortunate that no one else was hurt or killed.

More on this as we get it.


Photos credit AP

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