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Today's question comes to us courtesy of commenter AdamSonar and it reads like this:

In line with the 'living in a van tips' post you had a while back and today's '$100k NY parking space' post [Ed Note: $250k parking space], I'd like to know:

If fallen upon by hard times or suddenly compelled to live a nomadic lifestyle, what vehicle would you choose for your modern day Conestoga wagon? A Westfalia? Bonneville ready caravan? An RS6 Avant with Airstream in tow? Pimped out Dodge Sprinter? Old 912 with overstuffed luggage rack? Some manner of 60s compact van? One off custom job? The mind wobbles.


Speak for your own mind, Mr. Sonar. We who exist in the form of Jalopnik are quite steady on this issue. We convert all of our worldly assets into the only material that will be worth anything after the apocalypse – gold bullion and crystal meth – and bury it in a school bus in the desert. And of course police and patrol our booty in a Lybian military-sepc LM002. No, seriously, Spinelli makes us conduct drills. Viva la Methlabham. You?

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