For the fourth time, Revival Cycles is hosting its annual Hand Built Motorcycle Show in Austin. Friday through Sunday, Fair Market in Downtown Austin houses hundreds of impressive custom bikes and creations of dozens of builders from around the world.

Conveniently, this is over the weekend when MotoGP pays a visit to Circuit of The Americas for the Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas. This all may sound familiar, as we were fans of last year’s show too.

If you dig hand-crafted excellence with a hint of way-out-of-my-budget builds, and you happen to be in Austin this weekend, go check out the show. Friday night I popped in for a bit, and snapped a few pictures. Have some hand-built goodness below.

Two accomplished designers and builders: Magnus Walker and Revival Cycles’ own Alan Stulberg
In case you were curious what was done to this particular bike.
In the midnight hour...
Haul Ass
Getting ready to ride the Wheel of Death.
Not nervous at all. Nope.
Progressive Insurance was on hand to provide clean up haircuts while maybe slightly pitching motorcycle insurance.
Don’t mess with this scooter. or you’ll get added to the kill list.

Visit the photographer’s website here.

Sub-Par Photographer and Reasonably Quick Test Driver

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