Whether you watch auto racing on TV or attend in person, you don't really get a full-on inside experience into a race team and what the driver sees. That's what you want to see and nobody shows it. Well, here it is. Finally.

Of course, the fix comes from our friends at DRIVE. The new series, called Driver's Eye, literally attaches a GoPro to a driver for most of the race weekend.

This first episode puts you right on the forehead of Brumos Porsche driver Leh Keen for the lead up to the Grand Am race at Montreal's Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. What's cool is that it's raw footage. You not only see the driving, but you see the team's haulers and crew and hear what changes are being made to the car. It also doesn't have any annoying commentary.

I nerd out over stuff like this. I'm betting you all will too. Sit back and enjoy.