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Exercises in Pluggage: New Issue of Gearhead Out Now

Illustration for article titled Exercises in Pluggage: New Issue of Gearhead Out Now

Bumbeck and myself can both count Gearhead as a cornerstone in our auto-writing careers. Mike's contributed to it for years, and I edited a few issues, a task that nearly drove me straight to the booby hatch and ultimately led me to Jalopnik's door. Also of note, Gearhead founder Mike LaVella bestowed the nickname "Johnny Uptown" upon Wert. So if you want to do yourself a favor, check out the longest-running (if rather sporadically issued) punk rock car mag in history. The new issue's out now and features all manner of rad stuff, from the Burbank Choppers car club to the New York Dolls. Get with the program, fools.


Gearhead Magazine

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A nickname I happily accepted I might add.