Exec Says, BMW to Launch Car Based on CS Concept

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If you thought BMW's CS Concept was a hottie, we've got good news. If you thought it was ungainly and overstylized, just keep moving — nothing to see here. Word from Automotive News today is that BMW — right in line with the rumor mill — will build a top-end four seater based on the CS, which BMW introduced at the Shanghai auto show last month. The range topper would face off with other future low-roofline sedans, like the Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide, and as well with the current Mercedes CLS. The best AS could get from BMW is a "probably" from BMW of North America boss Tom Purves, based on the company's past record of building cars introduced as concepts, like the Z4 Coupe ad 2003 BMW xActivity. The market, Purves says, is above the 7 series but below the Rolls-Royce models, a ceiling set to lower when Rolls introduces a new entry sedan in the coming years. Apparently the sexed-up sedan will become a predominate construct in the coming years. Now all we need is a good segment identifier, since "four-door coupe" is cumbersome. Sexadan? GT limo? Midlife compromise?


Shanghai Surprise: BMW CS Concept [internal]

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I'm down with "soupé", so long as they make a shooting-brake-esque Touring model that we can call a "toupé".