EXCLUSIVE: "The Ramp", A Documentary by Jeff Schultz

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"There's a fine line between genius, and insanity — and a hair brained scheme, and a revolutionary idea." posits this film, and we agree. As a result of our early discovery of the 2009 BMW 1-Series themed Rampenfest viral marketing campaign, we have been offered the exclusive rights to bring you the world wide documentary premier of "The Ramp". The thirty minute movie chronicles the men, the mission, and the madness of an attempt to launch the 1-series from Germany to America by way of ramp. And before you get to thinking, "Bah, that's not too hard," the attempt is not designed to simply go from the imaginary town of Oberpfaffelbachen, Germany to say, New York City. No, the car's intended target is San Francisco. So grab some popcorn and a comfy chair, sit back, and enjoy the frigtening naivete of physics terrifying Deutsche chompers movie in three parts. ED: Yes, we know we're probably just shilling for BMW, but they're practically making fun of themselves here, so how could we not run with this? UPDATE: All three parts of the video are now below the jump to prevent the threesome of streams from all playing together.


The Ramp, Part 1

The Ramp, Part 2

The Ramp. Part 3

Download the high res version at the site "Jeff Schultz" has set up for the movie: Rampenfest.com


Woe unto thee in cubical farms, for this is our greatest attempt yet to get you canned

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Raphael Orlove

Mensch are Bavarians hard to understand. Not just Bayrische Deutsch, but also the English. I remember being in the southern most chunk of Bavaria, right at the base of the Eagle's Nest and had to ask the locals if they spoke Hochdeutsch. What nutbars.