EXCLUSIVE: Ken Block's 100 Acre Wood Rally In-Car Footage

Illustration for article titled EXCLUSIVE: Ken Blocks 100 Acre Wood Rally In-Car Footage

We've taken Ken Block's winning race footage straight from his STi's DVR at the 2009 100 Acre Wood Rally, complete with real-time data readouts. Now you can learn how to be a real rally driver!


With enough speed to seal Ken's fourth win at the 100 Acre Wood in Salem, MO, the resulting footage is nothing short of breathtaking. New to our in-car game is a spiffy set of live data gauges telling the viewer exactly what's going on with those pedals.


Up next, we've got video interviews with Block and Pastrana, Behind the Scenes with Subaru Rally Team USA, and, of course, our 100 Acre Wood mega-gallery. Can you contain your excitement? We can't. Keep your browsers locked on our RallyAmerica tag for all this upcoming dirty fun. And as always, Press On Regardless!

Update: As it turns out, the video was just too friggin' awesome to be contained by our hamsters. We've moved it to Vimeo and all should be well. Sorry for those of you who's browsers we've imploded. It'll grow back, promise.

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