I could say something cliche about how "street prophets" here on the "mean streets" of Detroit "dropped" this "world premiere" of Cadillac's newest ads, featuring some old "Caddilac style" "mighty-morphing" into the new XLR-V hotness, into our grubby little hands, whispering into my ear that it's set to debut over the weekend. But we'll save you from that type of tired and hackneyed phraseology. Let's just put it to you this way, and keep in mind it's not in my nature to be mysterious, but — I can't tell you how we got them and I certainly can't tell you why. Let it suffice for me to say this — any ad featuring a soundtrack with "Punk Rocker" by the Teddy Bears and some Iggy Pop thrown in for fun, is probably gonna be a-ok-go in our books. The 60 second spot's above — the 30 second's after the jump.


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