Ex-Model + Stiletto Heels + Alfa Hoonage = Dead Cyclist

It goes without saying that stiletto heels and a red Alfa Romeo Spyder go together- like a golden razor-blade medallion goes with a Black Gold 280ZX- but for God's sake, put on the ugly sensible shoes when you're actually driving the thing! For that matter, getting the car all out of shape at 50MPH in a residential area (on a test drive) in the first place scores pretty high on the Stupid-O-Meter as well. Former model Julie Hunter gets eight months in prison for killing a bicyclist after she lost control of the Alfa due to a combo of high heels and excessive speed, and we hope the authorities reopen The Clink just for her.


Former model killed cyclist while test driving sports car in high heels [thisislondon.co.uk]

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