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Ex-Intel Chief Andy Grove Using Electric Cars To Achieve Relevance

Illustration for article titled Ex-Intel Chief Andy Grove Using Electric Cars To Achieve Relevance

Andy Grove, retired CEO of chipmaker Intel, apparently has grown bored of sailing the South Pacific and decided to insert himself into the debate over the future of transportation. A proponent of electric vehicles, Grove wrote, "The beauty of electric power is its ability to be produced through multiple sources...and its 'stickiness' — it can be transported only over land." This statement, showing Grove thinks AA batteries arrive from China over a distant land-bridge, tell us Andy may not have all the facts he needs.


Grove believes the auto industry has reached what he calls a "strategic inflection point," the point at which a business has to either change or die. And he wants change in the direction of electrics; Grove has set up a course teaching about hybrids, plug-ins, and electrics in an attempt to move the discussion toward alternative energy sources. And then there's the fun part.

Mr. Grove is also a proponent of retrofitting current vehicles with the lowest fuel economy — trucks, vans and SUVs — with hybrid powerplants. Envisioning half a million Yukon owners reaching for their toolboxes, GM spokesman Greg Martin said, "We strongly discourage consumers from retrofitting vehicles." Unless they're out of warranty, in which case knock yourself out; the service department is hurting right now too.


All we hope is if Grove next ends up pushing for an Intel chip inside, he goes with an Apple OS to run it. Those Microsoft systems don't seem to be running well enough for even the back seat.[Detroit News; Photo Credit]

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A bigger question for me is "what the hell happened?". How did we get to this place with no money left for repairs even let alone modernization. How did we build all this with fewer people and less taxation and yet we can't even get sufficient public services these days let alone build a Hoover dam. I just don't fucking get it. The cities, schools, states and federal government all seem to be broke (and broken). We're not paying less but we're getting a hell of a lot less.

The only works project we got going on is in a different damn country. WTF? Did I miss a class or something?