Jochen Mass's list of driving accomplishments is as long as his Twitter page is currently short, including a Le Mans win all the way up to the fact that he played himself in Rush. He's slowly getting the hang of this social media thing and posted something delightful for our amusement today: some vintage racing at Daytona.


If there's anything that could make up for commenting on that groan-worthy dress meme (it was just taken with a potato, enough already), it's an IROC 911 in Gulf livery at full speed on Daytona's high banking.

The onboard comes from a 2013 Historic Sportscar Racing event on the speedway's road course. It's everything an onboard should be: no music, no editing, just the sweet, sweet song of a 3.0-liter flat-six being driven like it should be.

Post more, Jochen. More!


You can follow the legendary driver on Twitter here.

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