EVO Drives The Bugatti Veyron Vitesse In Inappropriate Clothing

At the World's Fastest Convertible's high speed run, everybody was wearing rather ridiculous "Bugatti" sunglasses made of carbon fiber and "Vitesse"-branded driving shoes. Except for Harry Metcalfe. EVO Magazine's editor-in-chief went for a drive wearing a Maserati cardigan instead. British humor at its best!


You can call the Bugatti brand French or German depending on your point of view, but it is certainly as far from the Italians as possible nowadays. Still, since Metcalfe has a Maserati GranTurismo S MC at his garage, he decided to show off his love for the brand at Volkswagen's top secret (yet well known) test track in Ehra-Lessien.

During the record run, 29-year old Chinese racing driver Anthony Liu managed to push the open-top Grand Sport Vitesse to 254.04 mph. Not bad for a car with no roof. Liu himself was so impressed with the Vitesse that he also ordered one for himself long before the run took place. I hope he went for the Record Edition's purple-black paint, because it looks amazing.

When Metcalfe gave it a go, he realized that cruising at 220 mph, he was only using 700 horsepower of the Vitesse's 1200. The Veyron really is a terrifying locomotive.

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