Everything You Need To Know From The Frankfurt Motor Show, Day One

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The news from the car world is dominated by the plethora of debuts at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is the home game for the German automakers. Lots of crazy concepts, lots of horsepower, and a big focus on the electric future.

Here’s what we have so far. Tune in for more from Day Two today.

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Neutral: Favorite Car Or Concept From Frankfurt?

My money’s on the Porsche Mission E. Hot damn is that a great design.



The interesting thing about the Porsche: They aren’t going to fuck it up, and they’ve been working on the core tech for a long time (and proving it in motorsport).

Will the current Model S successor leapfrog large portions of that tech? Of course, but now there’s real competition entering the space, which should be good in pushing progress forward even more quickly.

Here’s a question: What has more cachet, Tesla or Porsche? It probably depends on who you ask, though it makes you wonder how many folks change purchase plans because of the badge.