Everything Is Totally Fine On McLaren-Honda’s Twitter, Why Do You Ask

Image via McLaren-Honda on Twitter
Image via McLaren-Honda on Twitter

Reports of an imminent demise of McLaren-Honda’s partnership, a pairing full of failure (literally) and sadness, in Formula One are everywhere. It’s expected to be official within days, and even Bernie Ecclestone said McLaren’s switch to Renault engines is a done deal. But things are fine on McLaren-Honda’s Twitter account—why wouldn’t they be?

Really, everything is going swimmingly over there. Don’t let all of these reports get you down. Why talk about Honda when there are happier topics? See, here’s a cute GIF that shows the team really is excited for another race weekend of Honda-powered misery and awkwardness after the rumored breakup!


And here’s a handy travel guide for your next vacation to Singapore. It’s a shame that sponsor money from Hilton can’t go toward making a better race engine, right!

Forget about the engines. Enjoy the awkward pose that happens when two manly men who definitely don’t want to touch each other—because that would be weird—try to take a photo together, courtesy of Stoffel and and Fernando!


Oh, what a nice hotel photo on a sunny day in Singapore! No clouds, literally or figuratively, in sight for this McLaren F1 team. (Don’t worry, the hotel is in the Hilton family. No threat to the all-important monetary partnerships there.)


And here, the McLaren team spies some trucks that have better engines than its Honda-powered race cars.

It’s race weekend! Time to get after it and not finish last! (Tool emoji included, since actual tools will probably be needed for engine maintenance after the first lap or two.)


Oh, look! What a cool poster. Cartoon faces, very cute! Nothing to see here at the McLaren F1 team, folks, other than Fernando Alonso hanging out in his beach chair without a fire suit on and dreaming of places he’d rather be, like NASCAR or IndyCar (without a Honda engine, of course).


There you have it, everyone. Things are totally fine over at McLaren-Honda, and really, they don’t know what you’re talking about.

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Margin Of Error

It would be ironic if Honda was to be better than Renault next year. Right, Alanis ?