Everything Is Going to Be Okay Because Jason Drives Is Back to Save Us All

Look, I get that things feel bleak right now. I know our country seems broken, it’s cold as a middle school prom rejection, and the climate may be boned for good. I get that you’re lonely and tired and the world looks gray and bleak and forlorn. I understand. And, more importantly, I’m not like all those other jackasses who are just going to place a hand on your shoulder and nod. I’m here to do something. I’m here to settle hash or shit or whatever it takes. I’m here to drive some ridiculous cars and show you everything. I’m here to tell you that Jason Drives is coming back, and everything’s gonna be okay, baby.

Yes, yes, yes, come next Wednesday, February 6, after too long gone, my favorite video series that involves me struggling to drive the strangest, most interesting, and sometimes the sketchiest cars and other motorized-whatevers I can find is coming back, with an all new season of me being uncomfortable and struggling, just for your pleasure.

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We have so much good stuff this season! This time around we have a great focus on some really archaic hardware, incredible technological dead ends that will make you wonder how anyone even thought driving would ever be a good idea.


We’re going to drive overpowered real-world absurd cartoon cars that were never really meant to be driven, and we’ve got gaggles of microcars and deeply weird solutions to driving questions you’re probably not drunk enough to ask.

It all starts next week, and we’ll roll out one episode a week, which you can see here, on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media, and maybe even on Laserdisc or your local UHF station.

I’m excited. This is going to be fun.

Also, there was something weird with that dune buggy’s shifter. I swear it. I can’t be that much of an idiot, right?





You go, Jason!