Christmas is coming, so I suggest you start saving now to get this racing simulator. Oh, what’s that, you don’t normally put hydraulic racing simulation rigs right in the middle of your own home? You need some sort of space that your children can live in? Well, that’s just unambitious.


Alternatively, you can just buy it for me. I’ll set it up all nice, and I’ll even hook up a crappy webcam from 1998 so you can watch me play it. You’re welcome.

The simulator appears to be made by Czech company Motion-Sim, and their website doesn’t list a price, so just assume it involves many, many zeroes. But even still, LOOK AT HOW AWESOME IT IS.


You haven’t played a racing game, and especially a rally one, until you’ve played one like this.

(NOTE: I’m getting this paranoid feeling that we’ve written about this one before, but I couldn’t find anything about it. Also, it’s just great, so even if we HAVE talked about it before, just sit there and bask in its glory.)

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