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Everything About This Four-Year-Old Driving And Crashing A Truck Is Perfect And Good And Hilarious

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

British kids are cuter than American kids, FACT. But to make them truly perfect, you need to give them remote control over a giant dump truck, and then let them run wild. I don’t care that this is an ad for Volvo Trucks, because it is the greatest and best video I’ve seen all day.

From this day forward, four-year-olds should be the only ones allowed to drive anything. Sure, road deaths and injuries will absolutely skyrocket, but look at little Sophie’s face and tell me it isn’t TOTALLY WORTH IT.


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Tom McParland

This is how toddlers play with 3-year-old is always crashing into shit with his trucks...on purpose. When I say, “What are you doing.” He states, very matter of fact...”I bang things.”