In America two dudes stopping traffic to yell at each other usually escalates to gunfire, somebody losing an eye, and maybe an exotic pet breaking out of the trunk. In Canada, it’s just some sherbet-colored shorts and a stern talking-to.


TV news station CBC was interviewing OPP Constable Graham Williamson about an unrelated incident the other day when their video was interrupted by an orange shirt and a pair of pink shorts getting ready to kick the crap out of each other on the side of the road.

Cameraman says; “there’s a road rage incident over there!” Then instead of killing everybody, Williamson peeks over the fence and tells the goofballs to “GROW UP” in the best tough-dad voice I’ve ever heard. That “everybody’s a winner” line is priceless too, only way the Constable could have made this performance better might have been a “Get Off My Lawn” at the end there.


Looks like justice is served well enough.

Hat tip to v-squared!

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