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Drink up, Dr. Z, for despite leading Chrysler through 13 profitable quarters since 2002, tommorrow you've got to tackle Mercedes-Benz's slipping quality and restoring its prestige. But according to Mark Phelan of the Detroit Free Press, doing so may be easier than fixing Chrysler's product ills, for which he seems to have done a damn fine job, especially since it required him to wrap his dome around several distinct brands. Still, according to The Detroit News, Zetsche made his mark in Detroit, entering as a symbol of a foreign assault and leaving as a highly respected, well regarded member of the Detroit community, despite his Georges Clemenceau mustache and his paring of staff. As for Wall Street? Brokers and the investors who sweat them gave Dr. Z a standing O that included a blizzard of scented undies and hotel-room keys, with several brokerages like Lehman Brothers upgrading DCX stock. Click your heels, Dieter. Your job is done here.

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