Photo: Josh Hedges (Getty Images)

Going to a NASCAR oval race to feel a full field of 40 earth-shakingly loud V8 engines rumble your very bones is a near-religious experience if there ever was one. Unfortunately, it doesn’t translate all that well on television. This is a much better dub if there ever was one. Listen, and enjoy.

Neeeeeeeeeeeoooooooowwwwwww neeeeeeeoooowwww neeeeeooooowwww neow neow neow neow.

Y’know, this is pretty accurate—especially the giggling donuts and the horrified sound of the “big one” at the end.

Hey, NASCAR: hire this man immediately.

ETA [4/12]: We’ve since linked to the original upload of the video above, which appeared on the Video Dubs YouTube channel (itself a thing of pure genius). [H/T TheyCallMeEMac!]