Every Detail Of The Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV Is Achingly Charming

Alfas may get a bad rap for being fairly unreliable, but at least one charming little 1974 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV is still in exquisite condition, and it looks and sounds incredible.


In the latest video from Harry Metcalfe on the Harry’s Garage YouTube channel, we get a fantastic look at his 2000 GTV with only just over 17,880 miles.

Every detail of the car is charming, including the emblem of the classic Alfa insignia of the snake eating a person nice and big right there on the c-pillar, the modern (for the time) squared and flat grille with embedded headlights, the original steel wheels, wood trim interior, its 115-horsepower polished twin-cam engine and the lovely raspy noise coming from the exhaust.


It’s the car I picture when I dream of a European vacation I end up never returning from. Is that called retirement? What are the odds there will be a few of these around that haven’t rusted out by the time I retire?

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From my local CnC. Owner claims it’s one of two in this blue. So so lovely.