David Pitlyuk, of davepit.com, decided to venture out into the dark and dangerous blogosphere to ask the top non-auto bloggers what they drive. The answers were even more anti-climatic than you might imagine. The majority of the bloggers drive four-door sedans: Camrys, Maximas, Corollas, CRVs, RLs, etc. There were a few highlights on the list I found particularly entertaining. However, I do have a rant.

Jeremy Schoemaker of Shoemoney seems to be a stereotypical dotcom kid. He drives an H2 Hummer. In his profile picture, he's wearing sandals, which makes no sense whatsoever.


Then there's John Biggs. Biggs is a former editor of Jalopnik's brother blog Gizmodo and current editor of CrunchGear. He was my editor at Gizmodo for quite some time and I respected him a lot—until I discovered that he drives a lime green VW Bug. Come on, Biggs, man up.

Now for the rant: I wish Dave would have considered contacting some auto bloggers, who you'd think would provide some more interesting responses. When I signed on to Jalopnik, one of my favorite questions was asking the other Jalops what they drove.

For the record, I drive a 2006 Civic Si. [DaveP]

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