Even More 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Press Photos Revealed

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Well, after the Tiburon-lovers at NewTiburon dropped a hot load of shots of the new 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe over the weekend, some sites (we won't mention any names, MT, don't worry!) were apparently confused over which shots made it out on to the web and just decided to drop 'em all. So, we're just going to follow suit. Here's all the press shots you could ever want — well, until we get you the live photos on Wednesday at the New York Auto Show.

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@danio3834: Although the styling IS derivative, it DEFINITELY looks much better than any previous Korean design. Some folks here are being a bit harsh, imo. Remember how young the Korean auto industry is. Of course they are going to use derivative design, until they have a loyal enough following to go their own way. It should also be remembered that in general, Korean consumer products tend to mimic whichever successful Chinese, Japanese, European or American products which they are designed to compete against.

Hyundai will eventually move up the food chain in auto production (world's 6th largest now, I think). All you have to do is look at how they took over in ship building to see how they tend to do things. (They are the world's largest producer of large commercial vessels.) This is an incremental improvement in their design for a sport's car. More improvements will follow. They WILL be part of the 21st century performance car market. How much depends on whether they want to put their full muscle down in that market segment or not.