Even Formula One Drivers Are Now Mocking The Thought Of 'Alternative Facts'

Screencap via Facebook
Screencap via Facebook

Everyone’s hopping on the bandwagon of roasting the Trump White House’s ham-fisted public-facing staff—even German Formula One drivers. Current Renault F1 driver and 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Nico Hülkenberg is the latest to leak some “alternative facts” about his new race car.


Formula One—a sport which relies on immense scientific knowledge in order to produce winning cars—clearly doesn’t have time for any version of the truth that isn’t based in reality. If you get the facts and figures wrong, your car won’t work.

Per the official party line, however, this adorable Renault Twizy is the refreshed version of Renault’s R.S. 16 Formula One race car for next year. The world’s breeziest city car has been done up in Renault team colors with some additional aerodynamic elements that demonstrably prove once and for all that it’s a race car.

Look, it’s even ahead of F1's plans to integrate head protection into the chassis. It’s a real car. You can see, it’s got slick tires right there in the picture. I don’t know who’s been calling it a fancy golf cart, but those guys are wrong. Just plain wrong. Sad!

It’s clearly the greatest race car. The fastest car. It’s just the best. Anyone can see that it’s the most advanced car ever to hit a Formula One circuit. Nico’s going to make Formula One great again, you see. Don’t question it, or we’ll have the FIA revoke your Snapchat privileges.

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Mercedes Streeter

F1 Twizy has to be one of the most adorable things ever...we need a Twizy cup series!!!!

On topic: You know you screwed up if the entire world laughs at your lies.