Even Ferrari Has A Takata Airbag Recall Now

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What does the crappy 2001 Honda Civic you drove in college have in common with the $1.4 million LaFerrari? Besides the fact that they both have four tires and an engine, they’ve both been recalled for faulty Takata airbags.

Are you LOL-ing right now? I give you permission to LOL.

Bloomberg reports that eight new Ferrari models — ranging in price from $200,000 to well past $1 million — are being recalled to fix improperly-installed driver’s side Takata airbags.


While not facing the same defect as the eleventy billion Hondas, BMWs, Chryslers, Nissans and other cars recalled for their Takata airbags, these Ferraris have a defect with how they were installed that could potentially cause injury, the news service reports:

The air bags were discovered when Ferrari was doing tests on a 458 Italia’s steering column, according to documents posted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website Friday. The air bag deployed in a rotated orientation, Ferrari said, which could cause injury.

The Italian manufacturer, owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, found that the leather skin covering the air-bag module had been improperly glued and the air-bag cushions had been installed at the wrong angle. The recall covers 814 vehicles made from December to April this year.

Granted, it seems to be more of a problem with how the factory installed the airbags than how the supplier made them, but it’s still funny.

The cars recalled are the 458 Italia — including Spider, Speciale and Speciale A models — the California T, the FF, the F12 Berlinetta and the LaFerrari.


Get your LaFerraris fixed. All three of mine will be in the shop next week.

This story has been updated to make the reason for the recall more clear — it’s due to a problem with how the bags were put into the cars by Ferrari.


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