Evan Lysacek Swaps Leotard For $269,000 Aston Martin Beard

To celebrate winning gold in flamboyant skating, Evan Lysacek is buying a $269,000 Aston Martin DBS. "Aston Martin all the way, baby," he told Yahoo! in the most over-compensating way possible.


Turns out, Evan (who dressed like a feathered black bird for one Olympic competition) has a totally not-weird-at-all obsession with James Bond. "Got to be the DBS. Just like Bond," he said. Comparisons have been drawn between Evan's own rivalry with sore-losing Russian Evgeni Plushenko and the typical Bond/super-villain relationship, just here with bitchy put downs about quadruple twirls flying instead of bullets.

Like all other Olympians, Lysacek is an "amateur" athlete. He can afford a $269,000 beard because he's sponsored by Totaly Gym, Coca-Cola, At&T and Ralph Lauren. [via Yahoo!]

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