Europe's 8x8 Truck Trials Never Cease to Be Mesmerizing

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

Here we have a Tatra 8x8 and a Mercedes 8x8—among others—being put through their paces in eastern Germany. Truck trials will never stop being the real-life Tonka playgrounds of your dreams.

As Motor1 points out, the 8x8s struggle a bit because of their weight in the dirt, though over rocks these big truck boys do pretty well. Having eight simultaneously moving wheels is most of the way towards being a tank, and indeed these trucks seem built for the next world war.

It’s also kind of funny seeing the drivers and co-drivers wearing helmets as they stick their heads out of the window to help navigation at low speeds. But more safety is never a bad thing.

Long live ridiculous truck trials.

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Ok, if one of these gets stuck, who do you call? A helicopter?