European Ad Watch: The VW Polo GTI Is Not for Beginners

We were just lamenting to one of our comiserants about the lack of VW Polo GTI action in the US. We'd imagine Volkswagen could corner the market on performance subcompacts (or start one) if it brought the Polo GTI to the states. Of course, the business case may be dicey. But we'd imagine if the GTI came in at, say, $14,000 in top spec — that is, 150 hp (or 177 hp in its Cup version) — they'd sell like Filet-o-Fish sandwiches in Boston during Lent. Then we'd see ads like this running during "The Venture Brothers."

[via Carscoop]

Volkswagen Launches Polo GTI Cup [internal]

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Mike Spinelli

@camp6ell: Whoever said lamenting was done in real dollars?