Esquire is not only the first publication out the gate with a "Car of the year" list, they're also the first to fall flat on its face. Hearst's man mag spread the SEO love around, picking some commendable choices โ€” like the Audi A7 as car of the year, and the Cadillac CTS-V Wagon as family car of the year.

Yup, it was looking like a good barometer of common sense car choices โ€” up until they picked the Chrysler 300 as its "Domestic car of the year." God, what kind of an idiot would ever hire someone who would think a Canadian-assembled four-door was a "domestic" car?

Wait, it was Sam Smith who wrote it? Then nevermind, anyone who's ever hired him was obviously brilliant.

I'm going to go cry in the corner now.