Escalade Cop Car 'Seized From A Drug Dealer' Is All Kinds Of Terrible

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Doug DeMuro, a man who once let a Golden Retriever ride shotgun in a Ferrari, spotted this Cadillac Escalade wearing Sandy Springs Police livery and a decal informing oglers it was "Seized From A Local Drug Dealer." I just can't see how this a good idea.

I guess their thinking was "we'll show those kids that we'll bust your ass if you sell drugs," but all I see is "look at the flashy shit drug dealers can buy!"


Sandy Springs, best (lol) known for once arresting Justin Bieber's bodyguard, seems to dig vehicles that may be a bit of overkill.

The Escalade Doug spotted was discussed on Reddit a while back, and they didn't care for it much over there. What do you say?

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