Here's The Off-Road Racing Action You Missed At The Italian Baja Rally

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The Italian Baja off-road race raged along the Meduna, Cosa and Tagliamento riverbeds in the country's Pordenone provice last weekend. Here's what you missed.

And another clip if you can't quite get enough, Skip to 01:30 for the action.

Driver Yazeed Al-Rajhi of Saudi Arabia and his navigator Timo Gottschalk of Germany won the race in a Toyota Hilux Overdrive. They threw down a time of 3:17'15'' over the 300 kilometer track, getting up to 170 KPH in some stretches.


Russian racer Boris Gadasin was disappointed to concede the victory, having been hopeful to get his winning streak on track after 1st place finishes in 2007, 2009 and 2011. But at least he wasn't a dick about it.

"We greatly enjoyed the competition. Actually, for the first time since the year of 2008, when we were fighting for the first place with Nasser AlAttiyah, we met such a strong and fast rival, and we had to attack at full throttle. We got a very nice impression of Yazeed. I am sure that if he continues to compete in cross-country, his career might be comparable with Nasser's. And that is what we wish him."

Gadasin drives an adorable off-road racer by G-Force Motorsport. G-Force builds its vehicles from the ground up, they're a certified builder of frames and are constantly experimenting with new body designs.


In addition to running their own racing program, they offer rally support services and race car rentals for those who aren't ready to commit to buying or building one themselves.

Images: G-Force Motorsport

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