The 12 Hours of Sebring has barely started and it's already completely crazy. Michael Shank Racing's Ozz Negri almost came into contact with the Team Falken Tire Porsche 911, but hit something way worse. Negri caught the curb trying to get around the 911 on the inside, and the curb flung him into the wall hard.

Fortunately, Ozz Negri was evaluated by the medical center and was determined to be okay after that big hit, but the car is still back in the paddock being evaluated for repairs. The team hasn't determined if it's repairable yet.


That poor Ligier JS P2 prototype was opened up like a tin can on that one side. They'll probably be out for quite a while.

Correction: It initially looked like there was contact between the two cars, but a closer look confirms that there wasn't. Negri spun himself out.

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