The Gnarliest Crashes And Flips Of The Chili Bowl

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This year's Chili Bowl Nationals had a record number of flips. Sixty-one flips, to be precise. Didn't have time to watch the whole event? Here's a montage of all of the gnarliest flips from the week leading up to the feature races. Check out how much air these cars get!

This is what the somewhat awkwardly proportioned midget race cars on a tight indoor short track are good at: flipping.


Hit the cushion of loose dirt along the outer edge? Flip.

Spin into the wrong place? Flip.

Cut the corner too close and ride up on the tall dirt in the middle? Flip.

Have the dark forces of the underworld decide they want to see you roll and suffer? Well, that's about the only explanation I could think of for the really, really tall flip.


Fortunately, none of these drivers seem to be seriously hurt. Some of these rolls look pretty gentle, even. When I say that I would much rather get in an accident in a race car than I would a street car, I mean it. The safety gear required nowadays works, and does its job brilliantly.

The Chili Bowl wrapped up last night, with Rico Abreu winning the A-main feature race for the week.