Engine Pr0n From The Monterey Historics

While the other camera-burdened folks at the Monterey Historics were throwing elbows trying to get in position to shoot entire cars, we Jalopsters were leaning as far into engine compartments as we could manage without actually having wrenches in our hands. There were some painfully beautiful engines there, and we should be forgiven for saying things like "Hey, that thing looks like it would fit great in a Vista Cruiser!" Actually, with our brains completely befuzzed with Unobtainable Engine Overload, we were mostly just groaning out stuff like "Oooh. Engine pretty. Engine good." So here's the first installment of 2007 Monterey Historics Engine Porn for y'all. We got us some Italian, some American, and some British stuff here. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more.

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