Engine Of The Day: Suzuki G

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The very nervous 3-cylinder engine found in the Chevrolet Sprint Turbo was part of the very successful and long-lived Suzuki G engine family.


How many engines can you think of that were available in both three- and four-cylinder form? The Suzuki G was made from 1984 well into the current century, and it powered a bewildering array of Suzuki and General Motors machinery. The Holden Barina! The mullet-friendly Geo Tracker! Even the Pontiac Firefly came with G power, and we mustn't forget the Airtrikes.net ultralight aircraft freaks.

[Wikipedia, image source: Airtrikes.net]


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I'll bet that's one of the lightest car engines made in the last three decades. I always thought that a Geo Metro 3-cylinder or a Daihatsu 3-cylinder would make a pretty rockin' engine for a Seven. That's my dream car, probably another dream that will never come true, but who knows?

The big deal in Sevens these days involves huge high-performance engines that turn it into a death-trap supercar that only skilled race drivers can handle, but the original Seven came with a 40 HP flathead Ford and was intended for amateur car nuts to have fun in.