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We've already honored the Ford "Pinto" OHC engine here, but what about the pushrod four that served as the early Pinto's base engine?

Those of you on the other side of the Atlantic might note that the Kent was installed in plenty of beloved British Ford machinery, including the Anglia and Cortina. In fact, the Kent qualifies for our upcoming Longest-Lived Vehicle Engines Of All Freakin' Time feature, being manufactured from 1959 until the present day. Variations of the Kent (some with overhead-cam heads) were used in cars ranging from the Fiesta to the Lotus Elan to the TVR Vixen.


[Wikipedia , image source: Burton Power]

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My first car, a '71 Pinto, had a 1.6L with FOB (Ford of Britain) cast on it. POS burned #4 piston after a year of abuse. I did a quickie rebuild on it. A year later it burned #4 piston. I rebuilt it again by the book. Bored, new pistons, new valves and surfaced every gasket surface I could including the manifolds. A year and a HALF later it puked reverse and burned #4 piston within a week of each other. Tossed that hateful beast in the weeds and installed an FOG (Ford of Germany) marked 2.0 engine and trans and never had a single problem after that.

Is it because I didn't use Whitworth wrenches? Or did the non-paraffin oil I used damage the British alyoominium in the pistons?