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Styled like a cross between a Harley Sportster and an Aprilia Moto 6.5, the Enertia is set to revolutionize the electric bike market. Capable of traveling 45 miles at its top speed of 50mph, the completely silent Enertia only takes about 3 hours to recharge from a standard wall outlet. Sales of the $15,000 special edition carbon fiber model start early next year, with a $12,000 model, identical in performance, beginning sometime in late 2008.


Brammo, who also import the Ariel Atom, see the Enertia as the solution to both urban congestion and pollution; riding to work on this you'll neither pollute nor slow down other traffic. Weighing in at only 275 pounds and outfitted with supermoto style running gear, the Enertia should be a blast to ride. Electric engines deliver maximum torque from a standstill, which means global warming guilt free wheelies galore.

Brammo Enertia

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Meh, the energy still has to come from somewhere. 77.4% of US energy production in 1998 (first site I checked) came from burning coal, oil, or natural gas.

Think about that the next time you pollute less on your plug in bike.