Elon Musk Told To ‘Smile A Lot’ In Gigafactory Speech Pep Talk

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk hosted the grand opening for Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory on Friday night, but only after receiving an offstage pep talk reminding him to “smile a lot,” and that “everything is awesome.”


Despite being an immensely successful billionaire entrepreneur who often marries actresses, even Elon Musk needs a bit of a pep talk before taking to the stage.

You can catch the pep talk between Elon and his hype-men just before he takes the stage in the super-botched livestream (hence the mismatched lips in the clip below) which Tesla tried to host on its YouTube channel. It was taken down shortly after the stream ended. Luckily we grabbed it:

In the clip you can hear the show runners preparing to start the event. Someone checks on Elon, who says it’s freezing, and then what sounds like Tesla CTO JB Straubel coordinating with him on who’s going to say what. Then you hear someone remind Elon to “smile a lot, yeah, smile a lot.” It’s followed up with someone else reminding him that “everything is awesome,” and “if you be happy, everyone will be happy.” Then he takes the stage.

Elon sounds calm and collected in the clip, but it’s nice to get a little hyped up before stepping out in front of a crowd of raving Tesla owners who had been specifically invited for their loyalty to the brand.

Tesla later re-uploaded the livestream (without the brief backstage moment caught in the original post), in which Elon Musk detailed how many hamsters could fit inside the Gigafactory:

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