Love or hate Elon Musk, you can't deny that the man is all sorts of crazy smart. That's why his Tesla compensation package is worth $78.2 million, making him the CEO with the second highest compensation package in all the land.

Tesla say that they want to "appropriately reward the CEO’s previous and current contributions and to create incentives for the CEO to continue to contribute significantly." That seems fair to me.

Look, Tesla is still proving itself as a company, but Musk has a track record of success. He made billions in PayPal. He's gotten real electric cars on the road. Electric cars that really don't suck. He has his own space program. Read that again. This man has his own space program.

He's a bit crazy and stretches the truth from time to time, but you can't deny that the man has a vision and the ability to make things happen. Like a 90 second battery change. Like a hopping rocket. And I'm sure many other things in the future.


So go ahead and pay him $78.2 million. That's fine.