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Celebrities: They're just like us! They even try to talk their way out of speeding tickets, same as we do. Ask Elon Musk and Johnny Depp about the time that happened to them in a Tesla Model S.


The website Transport Evolved tells the story of the time Depp was introduced to Musk via Transcendence director Wally Pfister. Musk showed up to the set of the film and gave Depp, Pfister and cast members Rebecca Hall and Paul Bettany a ride in a Model S.

Then he was promptly pulled over for speeding — and another reason, Depp says:

Depp, who plays an influential artificial intelligence expert in the film, seems rather taken with the luxury plug-in sports sedan, but said while Musk remained light-hearted about the whole thing, the highway patrol officer who pulled them over wasn't.

"Elon had a good sense of humor about it. The cop did not. He needed a humor chip. But it was a good time, nonetheless," Depp said. We think perhaps it wasn't so much the fact that Musk was speeding which caught the cop's attention though: Depp was sat in the front passenger seat with Paul Bettany riding in his lap.


Yeah, that might do it. It sounds like Depp might become the next Hollywood star to own a Model S. I wonder if he'll take it easier on the throttle than Musk does.

Hat tip to Nikki!

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